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Canon DP-V3010 Firmware 1.3 Download

Canon DP-V3010 Firmware 1.3 Download Free Latest Version
Canon DP-V3010 Firmware 1.3 Download

Canon DP-V3010 Firmware 1.3 Download

OS: Windows, Mac
Version: Firmware 1.3
Date Added: 07/28/16
File Size: 17.7MB
File Name: http://gdlp01.c-wss.com/gds/2/0400002612/01/DP-V3010-V130.zip

Canon DP-V3010 Firmware 1.3 Download and Review

Canon DP-V3010 Firmware 1.3 - The Canon DP-V3010 4K Reference Display is developed to sustain photo quality examining of 4K electronic movie theater or 4K UHD program material throughout all phases of source and also post-production. Outstanding photo sharpness, high vibrant array, and a wide DCI certified color range assist in demanding analysis of this material. Uniform illumination throughout the entire screen, a DCI compliant comparison ratio of 2000:1, and extremely large angle watching sustains collaborative creativity among a variety of audiences. The display screen has a 16:10 element ratio and also 4096 (H) x 2560 (V) pixels in a 10-bit panel sustained by a powerful high little bit deepness photo processing engine. The 30-inch display is just 7.4-inches deep and also has convenient carrying manages that allow simple transport on location, in the studio, or in a post-production suite. Applications of the recommendation display screen include on-set image evaluation, on-location "video villages", editorial, color grading, computer produced imaging (CGI), visual effects and computer animation.

Suitable with 4K Digital Movie theater
The DP-V3010 4K Recommendation Present was developed to accept 4K inputs that adapt with the electronic sampling structure of 4096 (H) x 2160 (V) at 24, 25, 30 and also 60 structures each 2nd with a 1.896:1 aspect ratio (SMPTE ST 2048-1:2012).

Suitable with 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) Video Workflows
The DP-V3010 additionally accepts 4K inputs that conform to the alternative sampling framework 3840 (H) x 2160 (V) with a 16:9 element proportion in all common structure prices as much as 60P, called ITU-R BT.2020 and SMPTE ST 2036-1:2009. This enables the DP-V3010 to be used in live 4K television manufacturings. It could keep track of online 4K motion imaging directly from cam systems that provide real-time outcomes via their 3G-SDI Quad user interfaces, or it can watch electronic 4K taped playback delivered from recorders through Quad 3G-SDI. The DP-V3010 can approve inputs from two separate 4K sources via 8 3G-SDI interfaces. Monitoring results for every are also included.

The technological baseline for a referral display screen is exactly how well it reproduces a deep and accurate black degree. Representation of a high contrast ratio is critically dependent upon this accuracy black level recommendation. Canon set in motion a variety of modern technologies - within the display itself as well as in the electronic photo processing system - in order to help make certain fantastic black reproduction.

Wide Gamut for Rich Colors-- The DP-V3010 4K Referral Display attributes a Canon-designed RGB LED backlight system and also IPS LCD panel that recreate an abundant variety of colors. The DP-V3010's color range encompasses the digital movie theater DCI-P3 (SMPTE RP 431-2) shade range, nearly all of Adobe RGB and also Tip's real world colors, along with properly reproducing the color ranges of broadcast criteria such as ITU-R BT.709, SMPTE-C and EBU.

High Precision Uniformity-- The Canon DP-V3010 incorporates a newly established high bit depth image handling engine that assists ensure ultra-precise on-screen color uniformity as well as brightness, enabling users to properly keep an eye on changes across the presented image.

Smooth and Exact Gradation Qualities-- A high little bit depth picture handling engine offers accuracy handling of the video elements prior to conversion for the 10-bit screen panel-- assisting to make certain highly exact 1024 tonal gradations for every color network that creates a smooth and precise tonal reproduction.

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