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Canon GLX プリンタードライバー Ver.2.15 (機種共通プリンタードライバー)

CanonGLX プリンタードライバー (32bit) Ver.2.15 (機種共通プリンタードライバー) 



  • Windows 10 32bit 日本語版 / 8.1 32bit 日本語版
  • Windows 8 32bit 日本語版 / 7 32bit 日本語版
  • Windows Vista 32bit 日本語版 / Server 2008 32bit 日本語版
  • Windows Server 2003 R2 32bit 日本語版 / Server 2003 32bit 日本語版版

Canon GLX プリンタードライバー (64bit) Ver.2.15 (機種共通プリンタードライバー) 



  • Windows 10/8/8.1 64bit 日本語版
  • Windows 7/Vista 64bit 日本語版
  • Windows Server 2016 64bit 日本語版 / Server 2012 R2 64bit 日本語版
  • Windows Server 2012 64bit 日本語版 / Server 2008 R2 64bit 日本語版
  • Windows Server 2008 64bit 日本語版 / Server 2003 R2 64bit 日本語版
  • Windows Server 2003 64bit 日本語版
Support Model:
LBP9950Ci/ LBP9900Ci/ LBP9660Ci/ LBP9650Ci/ LBP9600C/ LBP9520C/ LBP9510C/ LBP9500C/ LBP8900/ LBP8730i/ LBP8720/ LBP8710e/ LBP8710/ LBP8630/ LBP8620/ LBP8610/ LBP843Ci/ LBP4500/ LBP443i/ LBP442/ LBP441e/ LBP441/ LBP3980/ LBP3970/ LBP3950/ LBP3930/ LBP3920/ LBP3910/ LBP3900/ LBP352i/ LBP351i/ LBP312i/ LBP252/ LBP251 / LBP842C/ LBP841C/ LBP7700C/ LBP7600C/ LBP712Ci/ LBP6710i/ LBP6700/ LBP6600/ LBP654C/ LBP652C/ LBP5910F/ LBP5910/ LBP5400/ LBP4510/

Canon imagePRESS
  • imagePRESS C850/ C800/ imagePRESS C750/ C700L/ imagePRESS C700/ C650

  • iR-ADV C9280 PRO/ iR-ADV C9270 PRO/ iR-ADV C9075 PRO/ iR-ADV C9065 PRO/ iR-ADV C7580/ iR-ADV C7570/ iR-ADV C7565/ iR-ADV C7270/ iR-ADV C7260/ iR-ADV C7065/ iR-ADV C7055/ iR-ADV C5560F/ iR-ADV C5250/ iR-ADV C5240F/ iR-ADV C5240/ iR-ADV C5235F/ iR-ADV C5235/ iR-ADV C5051F-R/ iR-ADV C5051F/ iR-ADV C5051/ iR-ADV C5045F/ iR-ADV C5045/ iR-ADV C5035F-R/ iR-ADV C5035F/ iR-ADV C5035/ iR-ADV C5030F/ iR-ADV C5030/ iR-ADV C355F/ iR-ADV C2020/ iR-ADV 8595B/ iR-ADV 8595/ iR-ADV 8585B/ iR-ADV 8585/ iR-ADV 8505B/ iR-ADV 8505/ iR-ADV 8295 PRO/ iR-ADV 8295 B/ iR-ADV 8285 PRO/ iR-ADV 8285 B/ iR-ADV 8205 PRO/ iR-ADV 8205 B/ iR-ADV 8105 PRO/ iR-ADV 8105 B/ iR-ADV 8095 PRO/ iR-ADV 8095 B/ iR-ADV 8085 PRO/ iR-ADV 8085 B/ iR-ADV 6575/ iR-ADV 6565/ iR-ADV 6560/ iR-ADV 6555/ iR-ADV 6275/ iR-ADV 6265/ iR-ADV 6255/ iR-ADV 6075/ iR-ADV 6065-R/ iR-ADV 6065/ iR-ADV 6055/ iR-ADV 4545F/ iR-ADV 4545/ iR-ADV 4535F/ iR-ADV 4535/ iR-ADV 4525F/ iR-ADV 4525/ iR-ADV 4245F/ iR-ADV 4245/ iR-ADV 4235F/ iR-ADV 4235/ iR-ADV 4225F/ iR-ADV 4225/ iR-ADV 4045F/ iR-ADV 4045/ iR-ADV 4035F/ iR-ADV 4035/ iR-ADV 4025F/ iR-ADV 4025/ iR-ADV C3530F/ iR-ADV C3530/ iR-ADV C3520F/ iR-ADV C350F/ iR-ADV C3330F/ iR-ADV C3330/ iR-ADV C3320F/ iR-ADV C2230F/ iR-ADV C2220F/ iR-ADV C2220/ iR-ADV C2218F-V/ iR-ADV C2030F-R/ iR-ADV C2030F/ iR-ADV C2030/ iR-ADV C2020F/ iR-ADV C5560/ iR-ADV C5550F/ iR-ADV C5550/ iR-ADV C5540F/ iR-ADV C5540/ iR-ADV C5535F/ iR-ADV C5535/ iR-ADV C5255F/ iR-ADV C5255/ iR-ADV C5250F/

Canon Color imageRUNNER
  • iR C6880N/ iR C6870N/ iR C6870/ iR C5880N/ iR C5870N/ iR C5870/ iR C5185N/ iR C5185/ iR C5180N/ iR C5180/ iR C4580F/ iR C4580/ iR C3170F/ iR C3170/ iR C3080F/ iR C3080/ iR C2880F/ iR C2880/ iR C2570F/ iR C2570/ iR C2550F/ iR C4080F/ iR C4080/ iR C3880F/ iR C3880/ iR C3580F/ iR C3580/ iR C3380F/ iR C3380/

  • iR7105i/ iR7105B/ iR7095i/ iR7086N/ iR7086B/ iR5075N/ iR3225F-R/ iR3225F/ iR3225/ iR3045F/ iR3045/ iR3035F-R/ iR3035F/ iR3035/ iR3025F-R/ iR3025/ iR5065N/ iR5065/ iR5055N/ iR5055/ iR3245F-R/ iR3245F/ iR3245/ iR3235F/ iR3235/ 
Setup instruction
  1. Click the link (DOWNLOAD for your System, select [ Save ], specify "Save As", then click [ Save ] to download the Canon GLX プリンタードライバー Ver.2.15 ドライバ file.
Memo :
If you select [ Run ] ( or [ Open ] ) instead of [ Save ], the file will be automatically Canon GLX プリンタードライバー Ver.2.15 ドライバ/ Driver / Software installed after it is saved.
  1. The downloaded Canon GLX プリンタードライバー Ver.2.15 ドライバ or driver file will be saved in the specified place in the self-extracting form ( .exe format ).
  2. Double-click the downloaded EXE Canon GLX プリンタードライバー Ver.2.15 ドライバ file to decompress it, then installation will start automatically.
There are the adhering to limitations on making use of this printer chauffeur. Please keep in mind these points ahead of time when using.

Due to the fact that they offer typical printing capacities for target versions, they sustain just standard features as well as have actually restricted functionality. If you want to capitalize on all the functions of your device, make use of a printer driver such as a lips lx.

We do not have the "Send out custom paper up and down" feature.
Please make use of the Lips LX printer driver independently when using the above feature in a laser light beam printer.

On the Tool Setups web page, you must press "obtain device Details" to acquire arrangement details.
You will certainly have to by hand set up the tool kind. Please note that if you set an attribute that is not on your printer with a printer vehicle driver, it could be an unintentional outcome.

Kind (system) when printing, inspect the "Storage Options" checkbox on the "Gadget Setup" page to earn certain that it gets on the primary feature (if it is a hard disk or SD card, or if it does not have a hard disk or SD card). If the storage space alternatives are not set correctly, you might not remain in the correct print order, number of duplicates, or the web page matter might not be presented correctly.
Workplace complex/Production printer items need an extension of the Lips LX printer by the model.
Please utilize this printer motorist in the Just about anywhere print atmosphere.

It represents the adhering to items.
  1. Imageware Accounting Supervisor
  2. Imageware Type Supervisor

The following items are not sustained.
  1. Imageware Publishing Manager
  2. Imageware Output Supervisor
  3. Imageware Prepress Manager
  4. Imageware Trust Stamp
  5. Encrypted Secure Publish set

Preventative measures throughout installation
For a review of the best ways to mount, see Readme.hta in the folder.

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